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Our School

As a school, we are committed to providing the best possible learning opportunities for your children in a highly supportive and safe environment.


Our Vision

To be a motivating and inspiring community where each child can embrace their individuality.

Our Mission

Value kindness,
Learn together and
Empower the leader within.

Vision & Mission

Principal's Welcome

I wish you a warm welcome to the Gladesville Primary School community as we begin our partnership together. At Gladesville, we work with families to ensure that your child has the best learning and development opportunities throughout their years of primary schooling.

Your involvement in the partnership between school, student and home cannot be over-emphasised. As families, the school values your support to optimise your child’s learning and development. We have a strong family and community partnership at Gladesville Primary School. I encourage you to be involved where possible, whether it is through reading at home with and to them, supporting and encouraging your child’s independence appropriate to their age or simply being positive about school and learning.

Yours in leadership,

Nicki Wood

Principal's Message


We are the staff at Gladesville Primary.

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