Meet Our Staff

Keylie Groen


I wish that all students leave here pursuing their passions, confident in their abilities and proud of their accomplishments. I wish the my students leave here seeing the brilliance I see them every day. 

Ashley Alexander

Grade 1

I wish that my students find joy in their learning, friends and teachers.

Lesley Cox
Adam Mitchell

Gade 3/4

Grade 5/6

My wish for our students is for them to recognise their abilities, find their passions, achieve their goals. 

My wish for our students is for them to recognize their abilities, find their passions and achieve their goals. 

Nicki Wood

Visual Arts

I wish that all students participate, take risks and be brave in sharing their creativity. 

Learning Support

Elise Brown

Grade 2

My wish is for our students to grow in confidence, be excited about learning and feel accepted as part of a caring community. 

Bernice Johnston


My wish for our students is for them to develop an appreciation of themselves as well as the different cultures, languages and people from around the world.

Lynne Harris

Education Support

I wish for our students to develop a love of learning and the desire to embrace every opportunity with positivity, enthusiasm and wonderment.

Mandy Tronerud

Business Manager, Administration

My wish for our students is to be the best they can be and strive for success in everything they do.

I wish for our students to know their self worth and to never be afraid to fail. I wish for them to learn from their mistakes during their journey and to find their own path in life.