Excursions & Camps

Excursions and visiting arts programs are offered 3-4 times per year to support the curriculum program at the time. The curriculum foci alternates every second year and classroom teachers ensure that the excursions are relevant to the learning concepts.


Gladesville offers students from Years 4 to 6 the opportunity to develop knowledge and experience through our camping program that reinforces the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and extends classroom learning.
Camping is considered to be a valuable part of Gladesville Primary School’s program. Camping provides each child with the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and a sense of achievement through a variety of challenging situations in a non-school setting, while at the same time developing social skills, a sense of responsibility and independence.

Our program is progressive, allowing children to build confidence in their ability to be independent.
Camp ADANAC facilitates a positive community experience for students attending camp while, at the same time, providing the opportunity for curriculumn linked experiential learning to take place. Camp programs are fun-filled, affordable, educational and safe.

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. The Sovereign Hill Costumed School Program is a unique, two-day costumed role-play experience where children are fully immersed in the 1850s, learning about manners, costume, behaviour and re-living the discipline of school life on the goldfields.