Gladesville OSHC is a Commonwealth Government approved Childcare operator (Operator Code S 5123), including both Before/ After School Care and Vacation Care.


In 2016, the Gladesville Out-of-School program received the ‘Exceeding National Standards’ rating. The program continuation depends upon its level of utilisation by families. The program aims to provide high quality childcare to school age children to improve employment opportunities.


OSHC hours of operation

Before School Care

6.45am to 8.45am (breakfast is provided if the child arrives before 8am).

After School Care

3.30pm to 6.30pm


Gladesville Primary Schools OSHC program offers a safe, secure and friendly environment in which your child has the opportunity to join in new experiences, exciting activities and creative outlets and to learn new skills.


OSHC charges including out of pocket charges (childcare rebate)

Please be diligent when completing the OSHC enrolment forms as to be eligible for the ‘out of pocket’ discount each enrolment form must include CRN numbers, dates of birth and full names.


Before School Care

$6.50 out of pocket per session

breakfast provided if the child arrives before 8am.

After School Care

$10.50 out of pocket per session

Vacation Care

$30.00 out of pocket per day

$37.50 out of pocket per excursion days

$32.50 out of pocket per incursion days


Please remember that there are also substantial rebates on the above out of pocket fee for families who qualify for Childcare Assistance.


Centrelink assesses eligibility for Childcare Assistance and claim forms are available from the Co-ordinator, Debbie Gleisner. Based on the details of income you provide on the form, Centrelink will determine your level of assistance and issue you with a Childcare Assistance Assessment Notice. Centrelink will also advise you about the level of assistance applicable.


Inquiries about your level of entitlement should be directed to Centrelink on 13 15 24 during business hours. Inquiries about the Childcare rebate can be directed to the Health Insurance Commission on 13 21 24.


To enrol your child/ren please collect an enrolment form from the school office or from the OSHC Co-ordinator.


Debbie Gleisner

OSHC Coordinator


Gladesville PS OSHC Enrolment Forms