Centrepay is a fantastic free easy payment option. At Gladesville Primary School we want to make everything as easy as possible for our families. Please take a moment to read the information below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school’s Business Manager.


What is Centrepay?

Centrepay is a free direct bill-paying service offered to customers receiving Centrelink payments. Centrepay allows you to pay all school payments by having a regular amount deducted from your payments and allocated toward your school expenses.


Why use Centrepay?

Centrepay is voluntary. Customers who choose to use Centrepay benefit from its convenience and security knowing that their bills are under control. Instead of having large bills every month or quarter, your bills are paid in manageable amounts from your payments, making it easier for you to budget.


Is there a minimum payment amount?

Yes. The minimum payment amount for Centrepay deductions is $10 per fortnight.


How do I apply for Centrepay?

Please fill in the attached forms and bring in to the office or post to:

Department of Human Services

Centrepay Services

Reply Paid 7813

Canberra BC, ACT 2610


Can I change my Centrepay deductions?

Yes. You can change, suspend or cancel your deductions at any time online at humanservices.gov.au/onlineservices or by calling 13 61 50.


What happens if there is a change to my payments?

We may not always be able to deduct the full amount requested if your Centrelink payment:

• is reduced because of income or earnings

• has been reduced or suspended because of a non-payment period, or

• is reduced because other deductions have been made, such as overpayments—leaving you with an insufficient amount left for your Centrepay deduction. If this happens you will need to contact the school.