Independent Living Skills Program

The Independent Living Skills Program is designed to assist children in their development of confidence skills to live from day to day. We run this program for all grade 5 students throughout Term 3. 


The program is conducted at school each Thursday for two hours. It is highly interactive with many practical and engaging learning activities. Some of the topics to be undertaken include:


  • hygiene
  • home skills / house work
  • healthy living
  • money skills and saving
  • shopping and budgeting
  • cooking


During the program children studnets work towards a Celebration Afternoon Tea prepared by the students that parents are invited to attend. As the children develop their skills, they will demonstrate how to earn money, save, budget, plan, prepare, serve and clean up the celebration activity at the conclusion of the program. The students earn money throughout the program to finance the afternoon tea.

This is a wonderful opportinuty for our students to learn vital skills for their futures.